Alchemy Management Solutions provides a suite of much needed services to industry and suppliers working with emergency services. With access to some of the pre-eminent leaders in the field, the company provides tailored and flexible solutions to a range of situations, from product development to innovative risk management.

Access to precious and rarely-available experience and sector expertise to make R&D effort, as well as creative thought, more focused and more likely to succeed in the commercial marketplace.

Alchemy Management Solutions was formed in 2012 by three friends and colleagues who not only have significant track records in emergency service management, but also share an ambition to support even greater improvement in the future.

Alchemy Management Solutions has developed a unique suite of analytical and reporting tools to support industry and suppliers in their approach to product development and marketing.

FireCrucible: a test of the most decisive kind

The partners all have reputations as innovators in their field and have developed a sophisticated understanding of the realities of managing risk in practical environments. The company now brings that expertise together with a range of offerings to support organisations understand and manage risk.