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Charlie Hendry CBE QFSM


Charlie Hendry (Director)

Charlie is an independent consultant specialising in strategy, leadership and change management. He has clients in both public and private sectors and is consulting on business transformation, outsourcing opportunities and leadership development. Examples of recent and current clients include Serco, Babcock,, PWC, DNV, Warwick Business School (with whom he is developing a new Strategic Leadership Masters Programme), Raytheon, Xchanging and the NHS. He is an experienced executive coach and is an Associate of Warwick Business School and the London Centre for Leadership.

Tony McGuirk CBE QFSM


Tony McGuirk (Associate)

Tony McGuirk has over 20 years senior executive and leadership experience in the complex operating environment of 4 different fire and rescue services. He has been a CEO/Chief Fire Officer for 10 years, and has represented the UK Fire and Rescue Service at a national and international level on numerous occasions and within a number of Associations.

John Bonney CBE QFSM


John Bonney (Director)

John has formidable leadership credentials from his extensive professional career and role as Chief Officer in Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Acknowledged as one of the highest performing fire and rescue services in the UK, John has led the service for over eight years. Under his direction the service’s innovative approach to risk reduction and resource utilisation has been emulated elsewhere in the UK and abroad.