John Bonney (Director)

John has formidable leadership credentials from his extensive professional career and role as Chief Officer in Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. Acknowledged as one of the highest performing fire and rescue services in the UK, John has led the service for over eight years. Under his direction the service’s innovative approach to risk reduction and resource utilisation has been emulated elsewhere in the UK and abroad.

John combines an impressive leadership portfolio with professional and academic achievement. He has his first degree in Politics from York University, UK and a Masters in Business Administration from Portsmouth Business School. He has recently become one of the select Chartered Directors from the prestigious Institute of Directors. With the rare ability to combine rigorous academic  analysis and proven leadership experience John has been a frequent and sought after speaker in a range of sectors including security, aeronautics and communications.

John’s professional standing and political acuity led to his election on to the board of the  Chief Fire Officers Association in 2007, serving as president throughout 2009 and 2010. In this role he became spokesperson for the profession in the national media, with government ministers and across the globe. He has also gained extensive experience working with government and the dubious pleasure of presenting to parliamentary select committees. As a result, he is a highly effective public speaker with an impressive portfolio of engagements across the UK and abroad within his professional sphere. However, it is increasingly the business community who are seeking to draw on his unique blend of private and public sector experience.  John has a number of published articles in the area of leadership,  public sector value and crisis decision making.

In 2009 he became Chairman of the newly established CFOA CNR Ltd, a company which works to assure the fire service’s national capability to respond to catastrophic incidents. Under his leadership the company has grown into a multi million pound business providing services to a range of government departments. It is now expanding its offering to new customers, both public and private, here in the UK and elsewhere. 

With more than 30 years experience, over half of which has been in the most senior positions of his profession, John has led the response to a variety of major critical incidents including animal health epidemic, terrorist attack or wide area flooding. Putting that experience to good use he has lectured on senior command courses across all emergency services and worked with his colleague, Charlie Hendry, to develop the national leadership model for the UK fire service. 

John also has experience in the not-for-profit sector and works as a trustee for two Hampshire based charities. He was awarded the Queen’s Fire Service Medal in 2007.

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