firecrucible-300pxA systematic process to evaluate your product ideas and get them ready for market.

An Exemplary Process

FireCrucible is an opportunity for companies who either have a product or service, or wish to test a concept at an early stage, to receive structured feedback and advice from a panel of informed subject matter experts. Good research and development advice from the sector is hard to come by - wouldn't it be good to have direct and focused access to some of the leaders in the field who could turn out to be your customers? This is what FireCrucible can do for you. 

The FireCrucible is a process of analysis and inquiry. In an allotted period of time companies are invited to present their ideas or solutions to the Expert Panel. The Panel uses a structured approach that looks at five elements:

  • Problem Identification
  • Solution Building
  • Customer Value
  • Substitution & Competition
  • Target Markets

The Panel looks at the distinctiveness of the solution, whether it represents incremental change or a whole new approach to a problem, and the overall value created by the synergy between the five elements.

Invaluable Analysis

The FireCrucible session is converted into a detailed and focused Client Report with full written feedback for the company on its product or service. This is invaluable intelligence to inform investment and marketing decisions - where else can you get this in today's market?

The approach is suitable for both small and medium sized businesses as well as larger corporations looking for that critical edge in product development. 

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